2020 Candidate Steve Bullock Awkwardly Unable to Say What He Achieved as Governor


It took presidential hopeful Governor Steve Bullock 15 seconds to respond after an audience member asked him to name his number one accomplishment as Montana’s governor.

The awkward incident occurred at his campaign announcement event in Helena, Montana today when a woman at a Q&A asked, “What have you been proudest to achieve as governor?”

Bullock uttered an “um” after several seconds of silence, then drawing out the words “I am happy that–” before cutting himself off and pivoting to a comment about hoping his “kids still know my most important job is being their dad.”

After over 20 seconds of white noise and the previously noted stalling lapsed, Bullock began a meandering sentence comparing his role as governor to serving as a state’s top law enforcement official.

“You know, as governor, it’s not like attorney general when you know you won or lost a case. Sometimes you won’t have impacts for years,” Bullock said. “But I know that 100,000 people have healthcare because of the work we have done.”

“I know that we’ve done more… to try to keep the outside influence of dollars out of our elections so that your voice matters as long as you vote, [rather] than some big treasury or company,” he added — pausing throughout his comments. “I’m pleased with the way that we’ve invested in education, I think that’s one of the great equalizers we’ve had.”

He ended his comments with “I guess those are a few things we’ve been pleased with.”

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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