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Chris Matthews on Biden Getting Facts Wrong in War Story: ‘A Reporter Would Be Fired for This Stuff’

Former veep and current Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden is under scrutiny for telling a war story that, as the Washington Post put it, is incorrect in “almost every detail.”

Biden jumbled elements of several different stories and shared a factually wrong version on the campaign trail. Biden dismissed the controversy and said the “essence of the story” was correct.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews discussed this with his panel tonight, with Nevada Independent editor Jon Ralston noting that Democrats don’t want the issue of President Donald Trump‘s lying being “diluted” in the general election.

Matthews said Biden’s staff should be able to give him advice and tell him to get this stuff nailed down. “There’s a real problem here,” he said. “Why have a staff if they don’t help you get it straight?”

Democratic strategist Adrienne Elrod said that this “wasn’t coming from a bad place” and was attempting to “show positivity.” She said he should’ve been accurate and that she hopes “he learns from this.”

As Reuters political correspondent Ginger Gibson noted how Biden mixed up different events, Matthews remarked, “A reporter would be fired for this stuff.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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