Chris Wallace Smacks Down Lament About Pandemic Hurting Trump Reelection: ‘That’s Not Just Bad Luck,’ That’s About Leadership


On Fox News Saturday afternoon, Andy McCarthy said that President Donald Trump had “really terrible luck” with the coronavirus pandemic hitting in an election year.

He said the pandemic was a “real challenge” to how Trump governed “not only in terms of running the executive branch response to it, which was critical, but also the messaging, which obviously didn’t go as well.”

Chris Wallace took up the issue of the pandemic as well but said it’s not so much about “luck.”

“That’s not just bad luck, it’s a question of how a president responds to that situation,” Wallace said, “and where I think Donald Trump was uniquely well-equipped to build the economy and to talk up the economy and, you know, to cut regulations and to cut taxes, I think by his temperament, by his character, he may have been uniquely ill-equipped to deal with the coronavirus.”

Wallace argued that a “salesman” like Trump who talks about things getting better simply would not work during a pandemic of this scale.

He recalled how Trump raised questions about masks and talked about reopening by Easter.

“In the end, he was not a man who was equipped to say, we’ve got to sacrifice, we’ve got to hunker down and I think that came back to bite him as we saw the coronavirus continue to spread,” Wallace added.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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