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CNN Contributor: Coverage of Biden Gaffes and Campaign’s Complaints ‘Brings Back Memories’ of Clinton Coverage

CNN contributor Bianna Golodryga compared coverage of Joe Biden’s gaffes to coverage of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, noting Clinton’s camp also disliked critical coverage.

“This brings back memories of how Hillary Clinton was covered and some of the treatment she received and her camp said it wasn’t fair. And the journalists said this is what their jobs were to do, right? She was the front-runner, he is the front-runner,” she told CNN anchor Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources Sunday.

“He’s been prone to gaffes throughout his career, right? This may not necessarily have anything to do with his age, per se, but just who the man is,” she continued.

“Look at where the poll numbers stand. Americans for the most part at least still view him as the front-runner, so this may be more of an ‘inside baseball’ conversation being had right now,” Goldryga said.

“I would say let’s keep fact checking and voters can see if they care or not, certainly that’s what happened with Trump,” Stelter said.

During the panel, Stelter also brought up Fox News’ coverage of Biden, which has often portrayed Biden’s gaffes as sign of mental decline while excusing various mistakes or flubs from Trump.

“They freak out every time I try to bring up Trump’s instability. Every time I question if there is something truly sad going on with the president,” Stelter told former Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky.

Watch above, via CNN.

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