Guy Benson: If Clinton and Obama Had Meddled in Michigan Election Like Trump Is, Conservatives Would Be ‘In The Streets Screaming Their Heads Off’


Fox News contributor Guy Benson offered a historical counterfactual to that network’s conservative viewers, asking them to imagine their reaction if, four years ago, candidate Hillary Clinton had suggested disregarding Trump’s vote lead in Michigan and then-President Barack Obama had invited state officials to the White House to pressure them to choose her in the Electoral College.

Appearing on The Story with Martha MacCallum on Thursday evening, the TownHall politics editor ran through the Trump campaign’s latest attempts to overcome President-elect Joe Biden’s 150,000 margin of victory in Michigan.

“The Trump campaign in that press conference today claimed that they dropped their Michigan suit because they got their desired remedy which was a delay in the certification in Wayne County, which isn’t what happened,” Benson pointed out. “They did certify in Wayne County, now you’re asking for take backs from the Republicans but I’m not really sure how that works legally speaking.”

“I think the story we lead within the segment about these lawmakers, these leaders from Michigan who will lead the state legislature being summoned to Washington by the president,” Benson added, “I don’t think it’s totally out-of-bounds by any stretch for people to wonder ‘Okay, you look at the context, you look at the timing: Why is this happening? Why is the president asking these lawmakers to come to Washington?’ and is he going to try to apply some pressure on them to perhaps? — I don’t know, put in a different slate of electors through the state legislature, doing an end run around the voters of Michigan, that is at least part of the speculation.”

Host Martha MacCallum then pointed out that a few electors ignored their state’s popular vote in 2016 and did not support then President-elect Donald Trump in 2016. “Just going through it Michigan law is, it does not include a provision for the legislature to directly select electors or to award electors to anyone other than the person who received the most votes,” MacCallum noted. “We know Joe Biden is ahead by 150,000 votes in Michigan. This route does seem like a long shot.”

Benson agreed, and then posed an alternative history where Clinton and Obama had followed the same course of action that Trump has chosen now.

“I think in a counterfactual or a hypothetical, if four years ago , we saw exactly this type of machination from Democrats where President Trump had won a state or two and Hillary Clinton and her campaign said ‘Well, the people have spoken but we’re not really sure because Russia, maybe they were involved,'” Benson proposed. “If the Clinton campaign said: ‘We don’t think this is fair and legitimate, let’s wait’ or ‘Let’s maybe see with what the legislators can do to put different electors in there and put us in the White House’ and Barack Obama is going to summon some Democrats from the states to say ‘What are you doing in your states? Let’s see what we might be able to do here.’ I think conservatives would rightly have been in the streets screaming their heads off and I would have been right there with them because that’s not what we do in this country. That would be a shocking departure from our system of governance and the transfer of power in this country. I think this is a very dangerous path to even consider let alone go down.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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