Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Trump’s ‘Incoherent Attack on Democracy’: ‘He Should Have Been Arrested’ For His Lies


Jimmy Kimmel blasted President Donald Trump for his “despicable and incoherent attack on democracy” during the 2020 presidential election, claiming “he should have been arrested” for all the lies he pushed.

He began by assuring viewers that their votes still matter, urging them to “stay calm” because “the process is working.”

“They’re still counting the votes, whether Donald Trump likes it or not. But it would appear that our Burger King has been flame-broiled for good,” he added. “We are watching a presidency bleed out in real time.”

Kimmel switched his tone as the show went on, beginning to slam Trump’s tweets and speeches, which were full of misinformation regarding the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“There was so much false propaganda coming out of Twitler’s bunker today,” Kimmel quipped, referencing Trump’s claim that votes that come in after election day do not count.

“By the way, a lot of ballots that come in after Election Day are from our troops serving overseas, and the irony of a draft-dodger trying to negate those votes is more delicious than the 12 little dunk-cups of honey mustard he dipped his McNuggets in today,” he said.

The host then ripped the president’s Thursday speech, during which he claimed that he wont the election if the legal votes were counted.

“Well, that’s a different type of concession speech,” said Kimmel. “This was—I won’t bore you or give him the pleasure of showing what he said tonight. But the only thing he didn’t do is pull off his wig and reveal that he’s been Vlad Putin all along. It was a litany of lies, threats, just a despicable and incoherent attack on democracy in the United States. At the end of that speech, he should have been arrested.”

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