Joe Biden Tells Reporters 9/11 is ‘A Solemn Day,’ Won’t Run Ads or ‘Make News’


2020 Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden told reporters he would not be talking about “anything other than 9/11” on Friday, calling it a “solemn day,” before revealing that his campaign has temporarily halted its advertisements.

Before boarding a plane to New York from New Castle Airport in Delaware, Biden told reporters, “I’m not going to be making any news today. I’m not going to talk about anything other than 9/11.”

“We took all our advertising down. It’s a solemn day. That’s how we’re going to keep it. Okay?” he declared, adding, “You can determine whether I make news, but I’m not going to be holding a press conference.”

“Solemn day, took all of our advertising down, get back to the campaign tomorrow,” Biden concluded, before boarding his plane.

President Donald Trump marked the day on Twitter and in a statement praising the “courage, heroism, and resilience Americans displayed on 9/11, and in its aftermath.”

“Heroes sprang into action in the face of great peril to help save their fellow Americans. Many laid down their lives,” he declared. “As we reflect on the events of that September morning, let us recommit to embrace the stalwart bravery displayed and reaffirm our dedication to defending liberty from all who wish to deny it.”

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