MSNBC’s Hayes Reality Checks Warren: ‘In What Universe’ Will Your Plans Be Passed by GOP-Led Senate?


During a MSNBC town hall, All In host Chris Hayes grilled 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren on her many policy plans, offering a reality check on how she would fulfill all her bold promises in the face of intransigent Republican opposition in the Senate: “In what universe are they going to be passed?”

Warren, who has so far drawn attention for having the most policy-heavy candidacy in the Democratic primary field, countered by putting the emphasis on the role of the American public in helping her.

“That’s the reason that I am here today,” Warren said. “It’s the reason I’ve done 90 town halls. It’s the reason that I have been to 20 states and Puerto Rico and going to more. Because the bottom line is, we have to build a grassroots movement across this country. We have to do it. It’s got to be all of us. And if we do, it doesn’t just help the person at the top. That’s how we take back the Senate. That’s how we take back the House and governors’ offices and statehouses and city councils. We build this thing up and down the line.”

Hayes again pushed Warren on her ability to sell yet another big political reawakening to the middle class and disaffected voters just four years after President Donald Trump ran a campaign that made its own magnificent promises to this constituency but has failed to deliver on them.

“Given what’s happened with Donald Trump,” Hayes asked, “and the nature of the structure of the American economy and what’s happening in a place like Ft. Wayne and across Indiana over four decade,  how can you say that they will trust you in good faith when you say ‘We will bring the jobs back or we have a plan to change life here?'”

As an example of the power of grassroots momentum, Warren highlighted the Democrats’ successful defense of the Affordable Care Act during the first two years of the Trump administration.

“Remember on health care,” she said. “I was in the Senate, when we didn’t have the votes to stop the Republicans from repealing health care for tens of millions of Americans. But what happened? People from all over the country made their voices heard. They came to Washington. People in wheelchairs came to Washington. Mamas pushing the littlest lobbyists, little babies who had serious medical problems. They got right in the faces of those senators and at the end of the day, at end of the day, it was the people across this country who pushed and pushed and pushed. We got the votes and we saved health care for tens of millions of Americans.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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