Colbert Rips Trump: ‘A Man With an Orange Face and Cotton Candy Hair’ Should Not Call Bezos a Bozo

Stephen Colbert found it a bit ironic that President Donald Trump took to Twitter to call another billionaire a clown.

On Sunday night, Trump tweeted out this mocking Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, who he not-so-subtly called “Jeff Bozo”:

Colbert noted that perhaps Trump should not be so quick to mock.

“A man with an orange face and cotton candy hair is comparing someone else to a clown,” Colbert quipped. “You know the old saying those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw giant shoes.”

He then stressed that Trump was also very wrong in his claim that the National Enquirer‘s reporting is better than the Washington Post.

“The National Enquirer is not a competitor to the Washington Post. The Washington Post broke Watergate. The National Enquirer broke the Cher sex cult scandal. Oh yeah, oh, no, it’s true. She once convinced a whole group of sailors that she could turn back time.”

Watch above, via CBS

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