WATCH: James Carville’s ‘Storied Career’ Gets Taken to Task by Colbert’s Cartoon Anchors in Brutal Tooning Out the News Interview


The cartoon anchors of Stephen Colbert’s Tooning Out the News took James Carville and his “storied career” to task on Monday — even getting the strategist to say that he’s “been on the wrong side of everything.”

The cartoon anchors first let Carville take a few shots at Donald Trump and other Republicans before putting him in the hot seat, where they ambushed him about his past controversial clients.

“Now James, let’s talk about your storied career,” said Jack Bensinger as fictional Hot Take host Tyler Templeton. “Ever since you served as the lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, you’ve been highly sought for your ability to cash campaign checks without reading the name of the candidate who signed it.”

Attempting to keep the spotlight on Trump and his denial of the election results, Carville jokingly blamed his success on “routers,” which the former president went after in a July 24 speech.

Templeton, a conservative-leaning anchor, later questioned Carville on his criticism of progressives and the “noisy identity left,” noting that the strategist advised Democrats “speak the way regular people speak.”

“Did you do your best thinking about how to connect with regular folks sitting in your opulent, pink $5,000,000 home on the Potomac, featured in Architectural Digest and wearing your $50,000 watch?” Templeton pressed.

Carville then sarcastically admitted to making a mistake, later quipping that Democrats should instead speak the way professors do in a faculty lounge.

“I see a person from Latin America, I say, ‘How is the Latinx community doing today?'” he said, later sarcastically adding, “Why would you stoop to the vernacular when there is a whole new dictionary that you can write in a whole new way to communicate.”

Carville’s critique of “wokeness” was put on blast yet again when the strategist was asked if he would have advised Martin Luther King Jr. to “knock off all that ‘I have a dream’ crap and instead focus on reasonable, bipartisan reform of Jim Crow,” if he ran for president in 1963.

Carville attempted to bring the focus back to “the way that people talk to each other.”

The anchors later shifted their focus from Carville’s attacks on the left back to his career choices, noting that he’s advised several foreign candidates, including former President of Bolivia Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, who now lives in exile in the United States to avoid trial for crimes against humanity.

“I don’t know. The next thing you know someone is going to do some research and say, ‘Well, James advised and worked hard for Juan Manuel Santos and he won a Noble Prize, so that goes to show you what a scummy guy James is,” a clearly bothered Carville shot back.

After the anchors went after Bill Clinton, prompting Carville to facetiously apologize for attacking former Solicitor General Ken Starr. 

“Yes, you followed the old saying, ‘My friend having a creepy enemy makes my friend 100 percent good,” Templeton cracked.

“Y’all set me straight,” Carville said at the end of the interview. “I now have taken stock of my entire life. Thanks to you guys I’ve been on the wrong side of everything.”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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