13 People Who Are Way Upset By Burger King’s Move to Canada


It slightly invokes the whole “freedom fries” thing from a decade ago, does it not? We mean, what are we supposed to eat now — poutine Burger King fries? (Oh wait, poutine is THE BEST.)

The New York Times reported that the rumored deal between Burger King and Tim Horton’s is done — an $11.4 billion acquisition of Canadian-owned Tim Horton’s by American (ish, now) Burger King. BK will move up north, in a move that’s largely believed to be for squashing down this nasty little thing called U.S. taxes. The deal will now make the Burger King-Tim Horton’s conglomerate the third largest “quick service restaurant company” in the world. (That’s the fanciest way to say fast food ever.)

So naturally, this news is going over really well with tax-paying Americans. Just kidding!

But think of all the Canadian fun, guys!

And there are chicken fries!

Oh wait.

What’s the Canadian translation of “blerg?”

Don’t worry guys, we Americans still have our breakfast tacos.

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