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Fox & Friends Suggests Trump Should Build Northern Wall to Protect U.S. From Canada

Watch: Woman Goes on Hateful Rant Against Sikh Politician: ‘When Is Your Sharia Gonna End?’

Daily Caller Takes Trudeau Quote Wildly Out of Context in Claiming Abortion is ‘Tool to End Poverty’

New Poll: Canada Hates Us

Blame Canada: Trump Slams U.S. Neighbor (Again), This Time Over Dairy Farming

‘It’s a Disgrace’: Trump Slams Canada

Meanwhile, in Canada…: Justin Trudeau Presents Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Oh, One More Thing: A Scorpion Stung a United Passenger Last Week, Too

Canadian Mosque Faces Investigation After Imam Calls For Murder of Jews

Girl Guides of Canada Have Nixed Trips to the United States Over Travel Ban

Looks Like Claim That Khizr Khan’s Travel Privileges Have Been Restricted May Be Bogus

Youth Hockey Team Releases Absurd Statement After a Player Gets Into Fisticuffs With Fans

Is Khizr Khan Being Prevented From Traveling? Explosive Tweet Raises More Questions Than Answers

This 8-Year-Old Hockey Goalie is Going Viral For Busting Out Some Killer Dance Moves

Report: Looks Like Sarah Palin Won’t Be Ambassador to Canada

Report: Trump Administration Promised Canadians Sarah Palin Won’t Be Named Ambassador

Six People Shot Dead at Mosque in Quebec City, Canada; Two Suspects Arrested

Shark Tank Host Kevin O’Leary Announces Trump-Inspired Run for Canadian Prime Minister

The Celebs Who Said They’d Flee Trump’s America: Where Are They Now?

Couple Caught Sneaking Cat Into New Zealand, Forced to Fly All the Way Back Home

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