AFL-CIO’s Trumka Says NAFTA’s Been ‘Devastating’ to Workers But Unions Will Probably Back Democrats Anyway

Trump Slams Trade Talks With Canada: ‘We Shouldn’t Have to Buy our Friends’

Trump Rails Against ‘Fake News’ Again After Comments Leaked: ‘Off the Record’ Is a ‘Term of Honor’

Trump Remarks That He Won’t Compromise With Canada on NAFTA Leak, Upending Deal

Sarah Sanders on Trade Fight with Canada: They’ve ‘Taken Advantage’ of How Nice We’ve Been

WATCH: Woman Crashes Through Store Ceiling After Trying to Escape Police

Mika Brzezinski: Is It Okay Now to Say Trump Sounds Like He’s ‘Losing His Mind?’

Twitter Baffled By Trump’s Call for Stronger Borders to Stop… Canadian Shoe Smugglers

Trump Slams Trudeau From North Korea Summit: His Mistakes Will ‘Cost Him a Lot of Money’

Former CIA Director: Attacking Canada Before NoKo Summit Makes Trump Look ‘Unstable, Erratic and Thin Skinned’

Mike Pompeo Dodges ‘Place in Hell’ Question About Canada: I Came Here to Talk About North Korea

Trade War of Words: Canada Calls Trump Adviser Comments ‘Ad Hominem’, Not ‘Appropriate’

Former Trudeau Advisor Blasts Trump For Attack on PM: ‘He’s a Pathetic Little Man-Child’

Twitter Fights Back Against Trump’s War of 1812 Revisionism: Canada ‘Didn’t Even Exist’ Then

‘I Can’t Feel My Face’: This Writer’s Hilarious Headlines Are Getting Us Through The Endless Winter

Anderson Cooper Goes ‘Into the Weeds… and Down a Rabbit Hole’ to Fact-Check Trump on Canada

Chuck Todd: Is Trump Going to Have ‘Credibility Problem’ With World Leaders After Trudeau Flap?

Fox News Mocks Canada For Making Their National Anthem Gender Neutral

Fox & Friends Suggests Trump Should Build Northern Wall to Protect U.S. From Canada

Watch: Woman Goes on Hateful Rant Against Sikh Politician: ‘When Is Your Sharia Gonna End?’

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