Alex Guarnaschelli’s Side Hustle is Stand-Up Comedy

alex guarnaschelliAlex Guarnaschelli is used to pressure. She’s a judge on Chopped and was one of the first female Iron Chefs. Also, secretly, she’s a stand-up comedian. On Dean and Deluca’s podcast Prince Street this week, she revealed that she’s been quietly performing sets at comedy clubs around the city. And her act is pretty good.

As Pavia Rosati pointed out on the podcast, there are a lot of parallels between comedy and cooking, especially if you’re a celebrity chef or television personality. Chefs and comedians both work late nights and have crazy hours. There’s a ton of pressure to “hit it” every time. And of course, there’s an anonymous public who isn’t afraid to judge every single thing you do.

Of comedy, Guarnaschelli said that in a lot of ways, she can express herself through her food, but that there are limits. What she can’t do with food, she does through words.

She’s very self-deprecating and talks a lot about food and cooking. You can hear some of her jokes on the podcast, which is out today. Or, try and catch her somewhere in the city.

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