Andrew Zimmern Defends His Security Detail, Praises The ‘Fake Boob On Display’ At SoBe WFF On Go Fork Yourself

Andrew Zimmern has been catching Twitter flack from the non-famouses for the snooty security detail following him through the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, but here’s the thing: crazy fans exist. Apparently, people decided to get his attention by physically grabbing at him during such inappropriate moments as: while he was carrying his 8-year-old child. Or they’d push his wife out of the way to get closer to him, which like, really guys? It’s Andrew Zimmern. And he can’t get you a date with any members of One Direction. So back off his muscle.

Besides that one hiccup, Zimmern had only good things to report on this year’s festival. Like the general debauchery in which everyone partook! Said Andrew to sidekick Molly Mogren during this week’s Go Fork Yourself podcast roundup:

“I turned to you and I said, ‘It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah out here. Worse than it’s been any other year in terms of skimpy outfits, sexualized public behavior, and all the other things I treasure about South Beach.”

As for that booty-shorts-heavy charity Volleyball Tournament hosted by Spike Mendelsohn? “There was more fake boob on display at the volleyball tournament than I’ve seen in a long time,” Andrew dished.

The only downside for Zimm was teammate Art Smith’s skill on the court: “Great human being, horrific volleyball player.”

Oof. Sorry, Art. Happy Birthday, anyway.

You can listen to this week’s Go Fork Yourself in its entirety here.


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