Anthony Bourdain’s Best Geraldo Rivera Selfie Response Tweets

Every now and then, Anthony Bourdain is so inspired by a bit of absurdity that he launches into around a dozen 140-character rage strokes on Twitter. (Remember this? And this?) Okay, so, in the days of yore, most of his rage was directed towards Travel Channel, and this is less rage-fueled, and more simply bemused stand-up, but gosh we’re glad these Twitter rants haven’t stopped just because he’s a fancy CNN primetime anchor fill-in now.

In case you were spared your Sunday morning brunch, Geraldo Rivera tweeted the following selfie at 1:00 AM Saturday night, in celebration of his birthday, captioned “70 is the new 50,” which has since been taken down:

Old man hips are the new Magic Mike! Or something.

Anyway, Bourdain was obviously just as disturbed as the rest of us, and his snark would not be contained. Check out a collection of his best reaction tweets below, including the birth of royal baby the #GeraldoManscapingPlaylist hashtag.

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