Art Smith Speaks Out Against ‘Comfort Food’ As Weapons In Chick-Fil-A Hate Speech

Though he might enjoy tweeting provocatively sassy anti-Chick-fil-A rhetoric on Twitter, Art Smith’s drive against the chain comes from a much more personal and profound place, as he recently wrote for TIME Magazine. As a happily married gay man, Smith of course is unhappy with its CEO’s corporate stance on gay marriage. But as a chef, he’s devastated to see his favorite food — fried chicken — used to promote “hateful rhetoric” against the LGBT community.

Food has the ability “to bring people together,” he writes. “It’s a sad state when ‘comfort food’ tears communities apart, making so many people feel attacked and unwanted.”

From the lessons he learned from his African-American nanny (who taught Smith how to cook fried chicken) during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, to his startling realization that he could only visit his husband in the hospital because his boss Oprah intervened, Smith credits his chicken for bridging different worlds and opening opportunities for him, which is why the current political storm surrounding the humble fried chicken sandwich hurts him the most.

“No matter how big the kitchen or seasoned the chef, hate has no place on America’s plates. Food is meant to be made with love, and that’s something I have understood since before I could reach the stove.”

The entire piece can be found here.

[h/t Grub Street]

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