Bobby Flay’s Wife Confirms Iron Chef Parties Are Cooler Than Your Parties

Stephanie March, wife of Bobby Flay and prosecutor of television pedophiles on Law and Order: SVU, had her turn at Grub Street’s New York Diet. Can we just say, it’s a brilliant idea to have spouses of famous chefs doing food diaries, instead of the famous chef him/herself? It means we get a glimpse into the lives of celebrity chefs, but from a (somewhat) outside perspective!

And in the Secret Life Of Bobby Flay, we learn all sorts of scandalous secrets, such as…well, nothing really. We do learn, however, that Food Network stars tend to hang out together in their nice houses at Amangassett, and Iron Chefs are bros with one another, even bringing food when they don’t need to:

We have guests coming and I’m a big believer in a welcome meal but don’t really know what to do. Dear friends Liz and Michael Symon — the nicest, nicest people, like family to us — let themselves in. I am a little flummoxed, and recipes on the fly are not my strong suit. Fortunately, Michael makes fabulous pasta with tomato and capers. Welcome to my house. Make me dinner.

At one point, during the 3935th party the Flay-March household throws that week, Giada De Laurentiis stops by like it ain’t no thang with something she just happened to whip up:

At noon, guests trickle in. We serve my sister’s deviled eggs and Firecracker punch: rosé, gin, cherries, lemon. BF has been up since seven hot-smoking an enormous, wild, line-caught salmon and six racks of St. Louis ribs. The menu today consists of: wild-salmon salad with white peaches, ribs, heirloom-tomato-and-avocado salad, and sixteen spice-grilled chicken thighs and legs. Sublime. There is wine, beer, rosé, punch, and San Pellegrino. Giada, bless her, brings dessert — a tasty array of cookies she has baked with her 4-year-old daughter. BF sneaks off to consume a carton of ice cream.

Well, dang, we’re just going to have to become celebrity chefs if we want this parade of Giada cookies marching through our house. (Step one: eat a carton of ice cream.)

[Grub Street]

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