Stop Using Childhood Nostalgia to Sell E-Cigarettes, Brands Say


Because you’re not allowed to smoke an e-cigarette called Tootsie Roll, goddamnit.

The Associated Press reports that the major brands of childhood — General Mills Inc., the Girl Scouts, and Tootsie Roll Industries Inc., — sent e-cigarette companies a cease-and-desist letter in an effort to keep certain candy names off their products. Because it’s more than a trademark issue, they say; using names like Thin Mints to advertise liquid nicotine products hurts the children!

“We’re family oriented. A lot of kids eat our products, we have many adults also, but our big concern is we have to protect the trademark,” said Ellen Gordon, president and chief operating officer of Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. “When you have well-known trademarks, one of your responsibilities is to protect (them) because it’s been such a big investment over the years.”

But also, this is kind of the FDA’s fault. Although the FDA proposed new rules for e-cigs — now a $2 billion industry — last month, there was no mention of banning certain fruit or candy-flavored e-cigarettes. Those are the same rules that apply to regular cigarettes, in an effort to prevent advertising to children. Uh, but if these childhood brands do win, we’re pretty sure that candy-flavored e-cigs will still exist, so let’s just give up hope for our children and a smoke-free future, shall we?


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