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Starburst is Finally Releasing a Bag With Just The Pink Ones

Burger King is Going to Start Selling the Hot Dogs No One Asked for: Last Call

Your Word of the Day, Thanks to Amanda Cohen: ‘Drunkatarian’

Stop Using Childhood Nostalgia to Sell E-Cigarettes, Brands Say

The Best of the Chefs’ Easter Tweets (Or, How Martha Stewart Won Easter)

Surprising Study of the Day: Republicans Really Love Dark Chocolate

20 Hot Restaurants with Unisex or Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms, For Your Comfort

After Reading Amanda Cohen’s Response to TIME, We Declare Her Ruler of Lady Chefs

Amanda Cohen On Lady Chefs, Comic Books, and Pete Wells’ Shrub Disguise

Last Call: Calm Down, There’s No Chicken Wing Shortage, Just Like There Was No Baconpocalypse

Last Call: Paula Deen’s Next Book Will Be Titled The New Testament

Amanda Cohen Is Really Excited About Her Upcoming Episode Of America’s Test Kitchen

Amanda Cohen: In Defense Of, And In Opposition To, Culinary School

Amanda Cohen’s Sage Advice On Becoming A Professional Chef: ‘Don’t’

Last Call: And With Pete Wells’ NYT Review Of Amanda Cohen’s Dirt Candy, The World Spins Madly On

Jacques Torres On Fishing With Tom Colicchio And Why Halloween Is A Really Weird Holiday

Dirt Candy’s Amanda Cohen Opens Up Man Candy, A Manly Restaurant For Men

Bill Maher Stands Up For Acid: Kids Are On Drugs, ‘The Problem Is They’re On The Wrong Drugs’

This Exists: Tennessee Legislator Gets Obama “DisappointMints” Removed From University Bookstore

Christian Broadcasting Network Removes ‘Evil Candy’ Halloween Post

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