WATCH: Eric Greenspan’s Fried Chicken-Inspired Grilled Cheese Requires Buttermilk Facials

“That was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Eric Greenspan chokes out while laugh-crying, after shooting an apparent intern/PA/Tasted Channel peon in the face with a stream of buttermilk shot out of a Super Soaker.

And why couldn’t we dredge a Dinah’s Fried Chicken-inspired grilled cheese sandwich in buttermilk like a normal person? Because at Dinah’s, they spray down their flour-dredged chicken with water to encourage flavor mingling. So, of course, Eric has to hose down his sandwich. And it’s way more fun to shoot at it while someone’s holding it than to aim down at a cutting board, right? Right. And so, the Buttermilk Facial is born. Is it weird that all we can think of is this?

Check out this week’s The Melt Master in its entirety below.

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