WATCH: This Food Network Star’s Nervous Default Is ‘Awkwardly Sexy’

On last night’s Food Network Star, this season’s sleepy crop of wannabe celebrity chefs participated in a Burger Bash-inspired challenge. (Part of the prize package for this year’s winner is a headlining spot at the New York City Wine and Food Festival.) Catch is, audience members could only taste/give their token to one burger, based on whose concept they were most attracted to in a demo.

Unfortunately, Damaris’s nervous habit is to default to “awkwardly sexy.” Like, bizarre-shimmying-over-pimento-cheese awkward. On the bright side, her demo went so badly that Alton Brown did a shimmying impression of her at the end of it to illustrate precisely how poorly she came across, and that, ladies and gentlemen, made it all worth it.

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