WATCH: Giada De Laurentiis and Matt Lauer Struggle To Close A Chicken’s Legs On Today

Matt Lauer’s kind of a brat about handling a raw bird, but Giada De Laurentiis graciously handled all the “icky” parts of chicken prep when demoing roasted chicken three ways on The Today Show this morning. Apparently, fans stop her on the street for chicken recipes even more often than they ask her for pasta recipes. (Meanwhile, we weep for all those boring dinners.)

Anyway, Matt was actually a pretty decent sous chef, handling all the dump and stir action and even seasoning properly (!), while Giada demonstrated how to stuff a chicken cavity with herbs and underscored the importance of rubbing butter and herbs under the skin, as well. Like we said: those oh-so-icky parts of chicken prep that Matt Lauer and his fancy suit sleeves and well-manicured hands couldn’t possibly attempt.

And, because every cooking segment needs a mistake to be complete, the Today Show food stylists forgot to leave Giada twine to tie off her chicken legs, so her poor raw chicken was left indecently exposed with legs splayed wide open. Cue Republican attack on NBC’s slutty chicken.

Or, check out the clip below.

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