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WATCH: Giada De Laurentiis And The Today Hosts Shotgun Whipped Cream

Promptly following a segment illustrating what summer treats you should avoid lest you wind up consuming 1600 calories in one delicious sitting, The Today Show invited Giada De Laurentiis aboard to remind us that eating whipped cream out of a can is okay. She shared her favorite (calorific) frozen treats of the season, showing off a raspberry sundae, mocha semifreddo, and a homemade raspberry sorbet. (And if you don’t have a gelato-maker at home, you can substitute with NOTHING YOU WORTHLESS EXCUSE FOR A HOME COOK.)

But, by far the clip’s best moment is when Giada and the Today hosts throw calorie-counting to the wind and just start shotgunning whipped cream out of the can. Woohoo, fun summer time! Check out the clip below to watch adults awkwardly attempt to recall their youthful sense of play.

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