‘Home Is Where You Lay Your Taco,’ And Other Wisdoms From Roy Choi’s Reddit AMA

Roy Choi is obviously full of fun, and his Reddit AMA only solidified it for us. Talk of stoner foods? Check. Best tacos in LA? Check. Hilarious quotes about tacos? Check. Even more, Choi laid out one more bombshell for his Reddit devotees about his new concept loco’l.

After Choi and Daniel Patterson revealed their plans to take over California with their fast-food concept at MAD4, the pair have clearly been scheming a nationwide loco’l expansion. First stop, according to Choi? Detroit. From the AMA:

Hey Roy, Big Fan. I love your idea of “locol” fast food. When that hits the ground running what type of expansion are you looking into? I’d love to get some of your inspired foods on the east coast.

thanks, we want to go toe to toe with all the big boys. start small in SF and LA then we are gonna go to Detroit for first location outside of cali then the world. so you will see us for sure on the beast coast

It’s a big step from Choi’s reign of the West Coast, where nearly every Redditor asked if he’d expand his Kogi or Chego joints to _____, USA. Nevertheless, it’s clear that loco’l is a forward-thinking sort of concept for the two chefs.

What else did we learn from Choi? Well, lots. On how to stay strong amidst tough competition:

How difficult has it been to adapt to the growing competition in OC/LA? No doubt your Kogi truck established a trend of gourmet food trucks in the area. I remember the hours long wait to get some of your food back in college.

i don’t think about competition in that way. we focus on the food, our staff, and our people and the streets. what happens beyond that is out of our control. kogi is strong because we care. it’s strong because we focus on what’s in front of us, the moment. not the drama around it

On being true to yourself (while not making yourself appear like a dick):

Do you have any advice for other up and coming gay chefs?

other? i’m so flattered

i see no color or race or whatever, it’s the skill that makes you a chef and your culture and personality that make the flavor. just be you.

On who really deserves to be called a “celebrity chef”:

Hey Roy! Which “celebrity chef” do you respect the most and why?

i respect eric ripert but he’s not a celebrity chef per se. he is the truth and a seeker of it.

On inspiration:

What is your favorite dish to make?

i still love cooking the kogi taco because the way it affects everyone who eats it inspires me to believe in the good things in life even amidst the bad sometimes

On doing what you love, no matter what anyone says:

I dunno if this is the sort of question you’d want to answer on a medium like a Reddit AMA, but I’ve wondered: how has your family’s reaction (both close and extended) been to your decision to pursue a culinary career? Was there a lot of expectation? As a first-generation immigrant child myself (from Bangladesh, though, not Korea), I’ve always felt some level of expectation when it comes to career choices (and a subsequent push into more traditionally successful fields like law, engineering, medicine, etc.) How did that affect the course your life took?

fuck what your parents think (in regards to your career) love them for being them and love them for being family. but this is your life. do what you want and do your best, they will love you more for that, even if the road is difficult in the middle.

And you know, weed.

What is your favorite board game to play ?

i roll weed on board games

i like chess tho

And tacos.

Oh god if I could get Kogi locally, I might never go home for dinner ever.

home is where you lay your taco

Anywhere we can get this embroidered on a pillow?


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