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Last Call: Duff Goldman Reveals His Emo Band Past

Twitter: Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman used to be in an emo band. It was called Two Day Romance. As someone on Twitter pointed out: we don’t want to know what happened on the third day.

Grub Street: Marco Canora once employed not one but two Gyllenhaals as busboys in Martha’s Vineyard. A 16-year-old Jake was bratty, while Maggie evidently conducted herself like a bus lady.

Food Network: Justin Warner now writes a Chopped All-Stars guest blog for Food Network, in which he, with 20/20 hindsight, reveals what those chefs coulda, woulda, and shoulda done with their Chopped baskets. But he only gives himself 45 minutes to write them, for authenticity.

Zagat: Jen Carroll tattled on her former bossman, telling Zagat that Eric Ripert used to make cooks at Le Bernardin who burned themselves at their station duct tape their chef coat sleeves to their wrists as punishment. It’s the chef humiliation equivalent of taping oven mitts to the hands of chicken pox sufferers. (UPDATE: Ripert denies this ever happened.)

Eater: Graham Elliot scored himself a pilot on Spike TV for a new show called Covert Kitchens, in which he goes behind the scenes of restaurant pop-ups to reveal all that goes into pulling them off in one day. We’ll keep you posted if and when it gets moved to a full series.

CBS: Rocco DiSpirito weighed in on the celebrity chef fad with CBS News, and according to him, we’ve officially moved onto the “post-craze” phase. Gasp! Send help…The Braiser…deconstructing…as we speak…

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