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Flashback Friday: 13 Celebrity Chefs In Their Childhood Awkward Phases

Everything is Awesome: Art Smith’s 101 Gay Weddings, With Guy Fieri (!) As Officiant

Not Only Will Chef Art Smith Host 101 Gay Weddings At SOBEWFF, He’s Giving Them Disneyland Tickets, Too (UPDATED)

Food Network Tries to Compete With FOX’s MasterChef Junior With Kids Baking Championship

Chef Art Smith Plans to Host #101GayWeddings at South Beach Food & Wine

9 Last-Minute Labor Day Recipes You Desperately Need

WATCH: Duff Goldman’s Cakes Star in Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday’ Lyric Video

It’s the Weekend, So Let’s Look at Hot Chefs with Tattoos

Last Call: Did You Recognize One of the Kids in That Gay Marriage Reaction Video?

WATCH: The Trailer for Duff Goldman’s New Mobile Game, Zombie Cupcake Attack

Last Call: Duff Goldman Was a Terrifying Pizza Delivery Man

Last Call: Learn How To Make LSD Danny Bowien’s Chicken Wings

WATCH: Duff Goldman’s Key to Cakes That Don’t Look Like Trash Can Be Found at the Hardware Store

Last Call: Duffceratops

Duff Goldman’s Shark/Tornado Cake Was Birthday Gift To Sharknado Director

WATCH: Duff Goldman Makes Joey Fatone A Giant Little Shop Of Horrors Cake

Tonight In Food TV: Duff Goldman Bakes For Joey Fatone On LA Sugar

Duff Goldman To Be Featured In New E! Special LA Sugar

Duff Goldman And Friends Present: Sharknado Cake

WATCH: Duff Goldman Wonders How There’s Enough Breast Milk To Make Lollipops; Demonstrates

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