Le Bernardin

Eric Ripert is Speaking Out Against “No Tipping” Trend and it’s Kind of Awful

Francois Payard Vs. The Intern: Who Had A Better B-Day At Le Bernardin?

Last Call: Eric Ripert Expanding Le Bernardin

Last Call: Eric Ripert Practices Sustainable…Tasting Spoons?

Eric Ripert Fires Back At Jen Carroll, Denies That Cooks At Le Bernardin Had To Duct Tape Their Sleeves

Last Call: Duff Goldman Reveals His Emo Band Past

Critics Force World’s Two Nicest Chefs, AKA Harold Dieterle And Eric Ripert, Into A Stolen Dish Feud; Fail

Eric Ripert’s Post-Sandy Relief Efforts Just Another Day Of Being Super Charitable

John Mariani Responds To Anthony Bourdain’s Slam Against Crotchety Old Food Critics

Anthony Bourdain Roast Roundup: From The Red Carpet To The Best One-Liners

Alain Ducasse Hits NYC Restaurants For A One-Day Book Tour

Last Call: Michelle Obama’s Cookies Edge Out Ann Romney’s In Presidential Cookie Contest

Eric Ripert On Why A Three-Star Michelin Chef Would Create A YouTube Show

WATCH: Justo Thomas Of Le Bernardin Teaches You How To Filet A Fish

Last Call: Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Sommelier?

WATCH: Gayle King Flirts With Eric Ripert

Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin Awarded Yet Another Four Star Review By NYT

Celebrity Chefs To Food Critic Alan Richman: ‘Let’s Roast That F*cker!’

Who Critiques The Critic? Tonight, Celebrity Chefs Get To Roast GQ’s Alan Richman

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