Last Call: Awkward Teenage Bryan Voltaggio Is So Friggin’ Cute

Bravo: Did you miss the teenage photos of Bryan Voltaggio and his wife on last night’s Top Chef Masters finale? Good news: Bravo posted them all. Two words: frosted tips.

Eater: Wanna know what was happening inside Scripps the day the Paula Deen scandal broke? A guy wrote a book with a whole section dedicated to the story. Read the excerpt here.

Esquire: Was Josh Ozersky high when he wrote this week’s “Ask Eat Like a Man” column? (No judgment if he was; one of our writers spent today in a post-red eye flight Xanax haze, and she was hilarious.) It’s extra-silly!

Gawker: The saddest thing about the “300 Sandwiches” project isn’t just the pathetic attempts for a woman to get her boyfriend to Put A Ring On It by slavishly making him 300 sandwiches, nor is it the fact that she’s blogging about it — it’s that the boyfriend is a dick and he gets all these sandwiches as a reward. (There are starving children in Africa who are nicer than him! And also, they’re starving!)

ETOnline: Waiting tables is hard, learns a manager on Undercover Boss. For one, it’s hard to hold a lot of glasses at once. For another, it’s even harder to be a new waiter while beautiful, experienced, scantily-clad waitresses laugh at you. (This is for every waiter who hates their manager. We know you’re out there.)

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