Last Call: Martha Stewart Tweets One Bad Food Photo, a Petition to Teach Her How Is Born

Huffington Post: Martha Stewart apparently missed out on the finer points of food photography. Now there’s a petition to teach her how to do it properly. Don’t look at this photo if you ever plan to enjoy Russian dressing again.

Obama Foodorama: Freshly un-furloughed and perennially dreamy Sam Kass did a video AMA for the Let’s Move campaign. Look on his dome, ye mighty, and despair.

NEXT: The next round of NEXT menus have been revealed. 2014 will show us Grant Achatz & Co.’s takes on the Chicago Steakhouse, Chinese Modern, and a throwback Trio 2004 menu.

Grub Street: Something something for charity, something something special edition pumpkin cronuts delivered to your doorstep on Thanksgiving Day, whatever: celebrities are designing specially crafted cronut boxes!

Eater: Here’s a totally not-painful food-spoof of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” performed by a middle-aged white San Francisco chef! It really isn’t bad!

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