Last Call: Eddie Huang’s New Clothing Line For ‘Savage Men Looking to Spread Benign HPV’

Complex: Here’s the lookbook for Eddie Huang’s Monica Monroe Spring 2014 loungewear collection. Ahem. “According to Eddie, Monica Monroe is best for ‘SAVAGE MEN LOOKING TO SPREAD BENIGN HPV.'”

Huffington Post: Pace Picante vs Kyle Kinane Twitter-gate turned out to be a hoax. The internet is cold.

Esquire: Josh Ozersky has So. Much. Beefrage. But this piece is largely a defense of the noble butcher, so, worth a read.

Buzzfeed UK: Here are some chocolate spoilers you don’t have to feel guilty for reading, because these advent calendars are from The UK. Here in America, we’ve had good luck with the Starbucks kind.

Eater: Calorie-shaming receipts are A Thing now, because THE APOCALYPSE IS NIGH.

NYU FASP: Padma Lakshmi is still holding strong against NYU expansion in Greenwich Village with NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan, and is auctioning off “a two hour pantry/spice collection shopping spree in NYC” to benefit the cause. Can Elmo come too?

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