Last Call: Next On Your Plate At Noma, Foraged Contagious Viruses

Gawker: Last month, the world famous Noma served up squeamish delicacies like ants, crickets, and norovirus foraged from a sick kitchen worker’s nose. Only one of those things caused 60 diners to go home with vomiting and diarrhea.

Dot Complicated: Writer Ali Wunderman decides to see how far she can go with using technology at high end restaurants, then compiles her findings into handy chart form. Print it out and give it to all of your annoying Instagram friends. or just Instagram the chart.

Huffington Post: All those dirty hipsters who eat casual pork buns at reclaimed wood benches? One day, according to Ruth Reichl, they’ll be the vanguard of the fine dining revolution, demanding a return to white tablecloths and waiters with bowties. That is, of course, if the white tablecloths and bowties were thrifted.

New York Daily News: The weirdly addictive marshmallow treat Peeps turns 60 years old today, and they don’t look a day beyond 3 hours old. What’s their secret? Yellow No. 5?

Grub Street: Would you pay $9,000 for a sculpture of a McDonald’s cup (yes, a cup in which you would get soda)? If you would, you’re probably the guy who already bought it.

Tips Mailbox: We got a press release from some kind folks warning us that a Buca di Beppo is ensconcing its mass-produced Sistine Chapel in the glittery hellhole known as Times Square. On the one hand, we’re not pleased (in fact, the entire office shrieked when they heard). On the other hand, Eataly might be more easily navigated, meaning we get all the good prosciutto and the tourists get NONE. New Yorkers win again!

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