Trump Greets Clemson Players at White House With ‘Great American’ Fast Food Spread

Pizza Hut Takes a Jab at Piers Morgan With New Vegan Pizza: Everyone Tag Him to ‘Ruin His Day’

Don’t Hate Yourself For Loving the Fire Wendy’s Mixtape

McDonald’s Flips Golden Arches in a ‘Celebration of Women Everywhere’

Wendy’s Savages McDonalds for Busted Black Friday Tweet

Compensating? Apparently Trump Needed Bigger Salt and Pepper Shakers Than Everyone Else at WH Lunch

Indiana Man Kills Marine Veteran in Confrontation Over Horn-Honking at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Wendy’s Shades McDonald’s With Absolutely Savage Tweet

‘Is McDonalds In the Resistance?’: Twitter Has Field Day Over Fast Food Chain’s Anti-Trump Tweet

McDonald’s Tweets Bizarre Attack on Trump: ‘You Are Actually a Disgusting Excuse of a President’ (UPDATED)

McDonald’s Opens in Vatican-Owned Building in Spite of Cardinal’s Opposition

McDonald’s is Getting Table Service for When You Want Fast Food, But Without the Speed and Convenience

Employees Claim Sexual Harassment is ‘Rampant’ at McDonalds in New Complaint

Kanye West Upstaged Frank Ocean’s New Album With a Poem About McDonald’s

McDonald’s Tries to Get Kids Moving, Burns Them Instead

Rihanna Went Nuts During a Late-Night McDonald’s Run This Weekend

It’s Time to Start Talking About Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Apparently

WATCH: Graphic Video Emerges From McDonalds Restaurant Attacked by Munich Gunmen

Donald Trump Reportedly Has Chris Christie Picking Up His McDonald’s For Him

Donald Trump Celebrates 1,237 Delegates With a Big Mac Because He’s a Man of The People

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