Macy’s Takes Martha Stewart To Court For Selling Enameled Pots To JC Penney

Yesterday, the New York State Supreme Court began hearing arguments from Macy’s lawsuit against Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for being a homemaker Judas, a.k.a. allegedly violating a exclusivity contract she held with the department store.

According to the suit, as reported by Crain’s, Stewart betrayed the longstanding agreement she had with her dearly beloved Macy’s to sell her branded bedding, cookware, and homemaking items exclusively at their stores, by entering into a partnership with their rival JC Penney. Le Gasp. 

But wait! The depths of Stewart’s alleged treachery go deeper and more blatantly obvious! Back in December of 2011, Stewart entered into a partnership with JC Penney, and their CEO, Ron Johnson, announced that she and her branded pots would be part of a new “store-within-a store” layout, along with a bunch of other brands like Liz Claiborne. In fact, the planned partnership was so extensive that the store is currently building offices in Soho, NY for Martha Stewart’s JC Penney-exclusive designers.

Legal and retail experts agreed that Macy’s could either win the case outright, or receive payouts from JC Penney for borrowing their Martha.

[Crain’s via Grub Street NY]

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