WATCH: Marc Jacobs’ Shirtless Diet Coke Ad Is Giving Us A Lot Of Feelings

Beyonce announced a $50 million deal hawking Pepsi, in spite of her work with Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity efforts, and Mark Bittman (among others) cast her major side-eye for the hypocrisy factor. Taylor Swift announced a spokeswomanship with Diet Coke and we all laughed about her imminent Diet Coke break-up song once the partnership inevitably dissolved.

Now, Marc Jacobs is doing a Diet Coke campaign, and no one snarking about it because oh my god, look at those 50-year-old abs. Look at that O-face. This is better than that phase where he ran around wearing kilts all the time. We are weak, faint, weak ladies. (Yes, we know he’s gay.) (Shut up.) (Diet Coke obviously wants people of all genders, races, creeds, and sexual orientations to feast their eyes upon this immaculate specimen of manflesh.)

Thanks for letting us objectify you for a day, Marc Jacobs. You’re real nice to look at and we like your dresses, too.

xoxo, Braiser Girls

PS. Your tattoos are dreamy.

PPS. Oh my god, there’s a video.


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