WATCH: MasterChef Judges Make Best Entrance Of All Time

Have a weird cowboy fetish? No? That’s okay, you should still watch this clip from last night’s MasterChef, especially if you’ve ever wanted to see Gordon Ramsay in plaid, Graham Elliott in a cowboy hat, or Joe Bastianich dressed like Colonel Sanders’ evil twin. Cheftestants had to cook for 101 hungry cowboys on last night’s episode, and the judges decided they were feeling festive.

After two tricky services, Monty’s team eventually lost and was faced with the pressure test. She, Josh, and Becky agreed to grant Felix immunity from going home, and competed against each other to see who could execute four perfect egg dishes of varying styles. Ultimately, Josh was sent home, but not before Gordon offered the 24 year old talent anything he could offer, whether it be a job on his line, recipe help, or a pep talk. Uh, we kind of feel like Josh just won, even though we still have 6 more contestants to weed through before we crown this season’s MasterChef.

Check out Gordon, Joe, and Graham’s cowboy moment below. Worry not, they found a way around burdening a horsie with Graham’s formidable frame. None were injured.

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