McDonald’s Continues PR Blitz, Reveals Secret To Egg McMuffin’s Delicious ‘Gel Center’

As part of an ever-more puzzling PR campaign to pitch McDonald’s as a healthy fast food option, its “executive chef” Daniel Coudreau stopped by Good Morning America today to demo for all of us how we can make the famed Egg McMuffin at home on this, the Egg McMuffin/McDonald’s Breakfast Menu’s 40th Birthday.

You may remember Chef Daniel from such ridiculous sound bites as that time he said a meal at The French Laundry wasn’t any less calories than a meal at McDonald’s. Yeah, him!

His first order of business on Good Morning America was to demystify how to get that perfectly circular egg. Prepare for the shock of your life: it’s a ring mold. He goes on to demonstrate how to cook the egg in a ring mold surrounded by hot water. You see, the part fry-part steam method helps secure the egg’s “gel center.” Mmm, this guy sure knows how to sell a runny egg.

Then, Daniel swaps out the Canadian bacon on the traditional Mickey D’s version of the sandwich with ham. See? Healthy alternatives! Ham is like, so healthy! And don’t forget to butter your English muffin before you assemble your sandwich.

Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott raced to see who could make the most at-home Egg McMuffins to pass out to their audience. We really wish we could have been there. Really.

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