The Only Thing We Needed Less Than Guy Fieri K-Cups Are These Oatmeal K-Cups

Calling it right now: the next K-cup phenomenon, provided this oatmeal one takes off — which it will, because the American people are apparently obsessed with foods that come out of pods with the assistance of hot water — will be ramen K-cups.

Do we need ramen K-cups? Of course not. Can’t we just make it with pots of hot water like normal people? Sure we can. But why, when we’re clearly evolving as a species towards Keurigvoreism? General Mills just announced that they’ll be selling Nature Valley instant oatmeal packets designed for preparation using Keurig coffee makers. A packet of oatmeal, dried fruit, and nuts will accompany “flavor capsules” that you plug into the machine, letting hot water run through it and into your bowl of packet contents. Because microwaving oatmeal is sooo 20th century. This will surely attract a hip, new millennial market.

Incidentally, that ramen thing isn’t far off — Campbell Soup Co. is also selling flavor pods for use with Keurig machines that come with cups of dried noodles and vegetables. Those are said to launch this year.

[Wall Street Journal]

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