Sean Hannity Endorses Fans Smashing Keurigs to ‘Offend Liberals’ After Company Pulls Advertising

After a convenient coffee appliance company dropped their Sean Hannity advertising, fans of the hardline Trump-supporting host reacted by smashing their Keurigs.

The Fox News viewers protested on Twitter by using the #BoycotKeurig hashtag and posting videos of themselves destroying Keurigs by throwing them off buildings or crushing them. The advertising drop — which was triggered after Hannity said we should “wait for the facts to emerge” regarding Roy Moore’s alleged relations with minors — was just one of several other companies who have opted to avoid the Fox News 9 p.m. weekday slot.

Hannity himself even endorsed the videos, calling them “hilarious” and “so so funny!”

Below are videos of numerous defiant Hannity fans attempting to get back at Keurig and “offend liberals” by ripping apart, throwing, and crushing their coffee appliances:

UPDATE 11/13/17 11:18 a.m. EST: This article was updated to clarify Sean Hannity’s comments about Roy Moore. A previous version of this article stated that Hannity had “defended” Moore against the allegations. It has now been changed to quote Hannity as saying we should “wait for the facts to emerge” with regards to the allegations.

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