WATCH: Paula Deen Declares Potatoes ‘Good For You!’, Liberally Pats GMA Anchor’s Tuchus

Are you tired of listening to Paula Deen preach about “moderation” and “restructuring the architecture of her plate” since her diabetes announcement and subsequent 36-pound weight loss? Of course you are. How could you not be?

Happily, we have the antidote: this clip of her on Good Morning America in which she cheerfully proclaims, “A potato is good for you!” That’s our girl! What Paula’s trying to say, of course, is that a baked potato not smothered in salt, sour cream, and butter is better for you than one that is. We’re not sure about the actual nutritional benefits of potatoes, unless you’re trying to ingest a carbohydrate bomb in as concentrated a form as possible.

Other highlights:

  • Paula liberally molests GMA anchor Amy Robach’s behind; Amy appears to enjoy it.
  • GMA labels Paula’s weight loss “dramatic”; we’re unsure how much drama is involved in losing 36 pounds over the course of an entire year.
  • Paula claims her diabetes diagnosis came as “a shock” because it didn’t run in her family. Both her parents died before they hit 45, but no diabetes, ergo: deep-fried butter balls were fine.

Check out the clip below.

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