“Recipe For Deception,” TV’s Most Confusing Cooking Show, Starts Tomorrow


Recipe for Deception

If you watch Top Chef in real time, and therefore see commercials, or if you’re a Housewives fanatic (all iterations, guilty), you’ve seen the commercials for Recipe For Deception. Like us, you’re probably confused. Bravo is calling the results of the show “the sexiest food allowed on television,” but we’re just like whaaaaa?

According to Bravo, contestants must have not only culinary chops, but also the ability to lie like my brother when my mom would say “will there be alcohol at the party?” My brother is now 22 and she still thinks there never was any.

Here’s how the competition is supposed to work: Four chefs are in the kitchen, competing for a grand prize of $10,000. Each chef has to prepare a recipe using a secret ingredient, but none of the chefs know what their own secret ingredients are. Each chef, however, does know the secret ingredients of his or her opponents. Each chef asks his or her opponents three questions. The other competitors have to answer two of them truthfully, and one with a lie. Big ups to team bonding activities showing up on cooking shows.

Max Silvestri

Max Silvestri

The show is hosted by comedian Max Silvestri, best known for the Brooklyn-based comedy show “The Big Terrific” (RIP), and will be judged by Chris Oh and Jonathan Waxman. Expect to see some familiar faces, too. Lorena Garcia Art Smith, and Coolio are all making appearances.

Our burning question:

How do you cook with an ingredient when you don’t know what it is? Literally, how, though? Don’t you have to use the ingredient? It doesn’t look like the contestants are blindfolded. I’m so confused.

Guess we’ll find out tomorrow. See you then!

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