WATCH: Marcus Samuelsson’s Homemade Ode To Charlie Trotter Video

If you had any doubt that Marcus Samuelsson is a man of the people, check out his heartwarming ode to Charlie Trotter, shot on a crappy MacBook? Flipcam? iPhone? With garbled sound you can barely make out! See? Marcus Samuelsson is just like you! Except he’s married to a model, owns a restaurant that serves $25 fried chicken in Harlem and probably lives in a pretty sweet pad up there, too. Like we said: man of the people.

In his vid made at Red Rooster, Marcus gives Charlie a hearty thanks for inspiring him to cook, putting Chicago on the culinary map, and bringing global chefs together. He also bids his old friend a fond farewell, and wishes him all the best for the next stage of his life. Marcus is sure they’ll meet again someday, over a bottle from Charlie’s notorious wine cellar with Marcus cooking a meal for them both.

…Is it just us, or is everybody talking about Charlie Trotter like he’s dead? Because you guys know he’s not dead, right? He’s just going to grad school and taking some vacations with his wife. It’s going to be okay. We promise.

Check out the vid below (headphones and complete silence required).

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