WATCH: Spike Mendelsohn And Marcel Vigneron Teach Drunk Models How To Cook

Did you think Spike Mendelsohn’s YouTube show We’re Drunk, Let’s Eat would be a cheap, My Drunk Kitchen rip-off that wouldn’t last past the first episode? How wrong you were.

Marcel Vigneron guest stars on the most recent episode, in which the pair drink their way through West L.A. with a rich, older German man accompanied by a gaggle of disproportionately hot young ladies, before going back to his house to cook a late night munchies meal.

As we know, Spike and Marcel were best bros in college, long before they made it big on Top Chef. Now, they’re cooking burgers for the Prez and trying to pull a fast one on The Chairman together.

But this episode of We’re Drunk, Let’s Eat does an excellent job of highlighting their relationship dynamic. Marcel is obviously the sidekick to Spike’s ringleader, as evidenced by the fact that he barely speaks — like, at all — until he’s drunk. At that point, Marcel begins a sad attempt at seducing the hot chicks by teaching them how to shuck corn off the cob. He also spills a drink (OOOOH PARTY FOUL), trying to do some sort of over-the-shoulder trick — okay, you know what, we have no idea. Drunk Marcel is an odd little creature.

Check out the episode in its entirety below.

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