WATCH: Stephen Colbert Is The Most American Sous Chef Emeril Lagasse Could Ever Have

Let’s play a little game of Braiser Ratings. It’s like the Nielsen Ratings, only legit.

This morning on The Today Show, Hoda Kotb mistakenly called Top Chef judge, Top Chef: Just Desserts host, and Food and Wine Magazine’s Special Projects Director Gail Simmons “Rachael” (as in, Ray) a total of four times.

Today on Good Morning America, Emeril Lagasse’s pumpkin spice cooking demo was accompanied by Josh Elliott (carrying an adorable child named Jack) and Stephen Colbert.

Point: GMA. And not just for the obvious reasons.

Stephen Colbert was co-hosting GMA for the day (possibly a pity gig to cheer him up after not being chosen to moderate tomorrow night’s presidential debates), and took on the role of super serious sous chef to Emeril Lagasse. He rolled out pie crusts like he knew what was up, whisked, and BAM!-ed, while Sam Champion was really confused by the concept of using beans as a pie weight. Have you EVER baked a pie, Sam?

Check out the clip below, if you’ve ever wondered about Stephen’s uber-patriotic baking prowess.

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