The Getaway Premieres Tonight With Drunken Snark-Monster Joel McHale in Belfast

Would we expect any less from the premiere of a Zero Point Zero-produced series than a pocket full of one-liners from the sneak peeks alone? Of course not. Consider The Getaway officially Bourdained into the Ministry of Snark.

Esquire Network’s second food-centric series (Knife Fight premiered last night) follows ten different celebrity hosts in a 10-episode travelogue, with each exploring a different city. Tonight, for the series premiere, Joel McHale takes us through Belfast. Cliffnotes: it’s going to be drunk; it’s going to be cold; he’s going to look rather dashing in some good Irish tweed; and he’s going to be hungover for 90% of the episode.

Look at how cute his little red drunknose is!

You can check out a sneak peek of Joel’s episode below, but if you require further mid-day McHale action, Esquire has a bunch of clips posted here.

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