Is Joel McHale Taking Over Craig Ferguson’s Late Night Spot on CBS?


Nothing is official as of yet, but some tweets appeared on Wednesday that seem to suggest Joel McHale, who, sadly, no longer has to schedule around Community, could be taking over The Late Late Show from Craig Ferguson on CBS.

First, Julie Chen tweeted this selfie with McHale and her husband Les Moonves, who happens to be the man who gets to decide who takes over for Ferguson when he leaves later this year:

McHale gave the pic a retweet shortly after:

Then, out of nowhere, comedian Norm Macdonald decided to “break” the “news” that McHale has the CBS job. Does he know something the rest of world doesn’t, or is he just trolling for attention? And if the latter is true, did we just fall for it? Probably:

Ahead of his performance at this month’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, McHale told Howard Stern that he couldn’t take the CBS job even if it were offered to him because he was still under contract with NBC. Now that Community is out of the picture, that is no longer an issue.

Either CBS will making a big announcement soon, or this was all a big bowl of nothing. Stay tuned.

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