The Top Chef Drinking Game You’ll Need For Tonight’s Episode

Tonight’s episode of Top Chef contains, among other things, the return of Phillip. That means you’ll definitely need a drink. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below please find a drinking game for tonight’s episode. Cheers!

Note: If played to the fullest extent, this game will get you drunk. Please be responsible. Small sips! Water counts.

mulled wine

Drink 1 Sip:

  • Any time a chef mentions that he or she is displeased with Phillip’s return.
  • Any time a chef mentions that ____ is in his/her area of expertise.
  • Any time a chef mentions that people LOVE this dish at the restaurant.
  • When a chef says they’ve never made ____ before.
  • When a judge says a dish is under-seasoned.
  • When a judge says something is undercooked.
  • When a judge says something is overcooked.
  • When a judge just “doesn’t get” the dish.
  • When one of the chefs is “there to win, not to make friends.”
  • Any time anyone mentions how close they are to the end, and it’s an honor just to have made it this far.
  • Any time a chef says he or she wants to win. Thanks for sharing, chef!
  • When Jeremy actually demonstrates knowledge of any cooking appliance.
  • When Jeremy mentions his daughter.
  • When Carl mentions his wife.
  • When Carl mentions having been to Nicaragua.
  • When Marjorie mentions having cooked at Per Sé or similar.
  • When Kwame mentions a career he had prior to becoming a chef (a drug dealer, a rapper, something new entirely).

Drink 2 Sips:

  • When Padma makes a joke that really doesn’t land.
  • Any time Tom comes up with a pun based on either the name of the dish or an aspect of the challenge
  • When a chef or judge says “someone has to go home.”
  • When any of the chefs pretends to “miss” any of the other chefs.

Take A Shot:

  • Every time Phillip audibly asks, “Why was I sent home over so and so?”
  • When whoever goes home says “this won’t be the last you see of me.”


  • Any time any eliminated contestant says he or she could have done it better.

Thanks for playing! We’ll be back tomorrow with a recap in case you can’t remember what happened. Cheers!

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