This is the Best, Most Educational Take-Down of Martha Stewart’s Food Photography

Turns out, we can all use a few new food photography tips from our friends at WIRED magazine. In a not so subtle “open letter” to our gal Martha Stewart, Tim Moynihan tries to empathize with the food tycoon’s latest problem: that her food photos stink. But that’s not how you talk to our gal, as Moynihan’s letter starts out.

The visual metaphors in your photographs are brilliant! The bold direct lighting representing the harsh spotlight of fame. The distorted colors representing the half-truths of public perception. The shadowy darkness where the true self hides. The soft, sloppy focus echoing the uncertainty of the human condition. It all blends together in a stark visual commentary on the dualistic nature of celebrity, presented as an unappetizing plate of food. Fame, like these contorted vittles, is hard to swallow.

You put the “art” in Martha, Martha. There is genius in your work.

But the internet is a cruel place. When it doesn’t understand complex artistic vision, it must lash out. It must debase it. You know who else was mocked, shunned, and misunderstood? Pablo Picasso. Maya Angelou. Mark Twain. They whitewashed the walls of 5Pointz this week, Martha. Raw creativity is under attack.

Oh, did we say helpful? We meant to say condescending. Still, Moynihan’s tips are pretty spot on and educational. (Don’t pretend like all your iPhone snaps of dinner are genius, OK?) And one last tip for Martha: Instagram. Well played, WIRED.


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