Tonight In Food TV: Who Will Win Around The World In 80 Plates?

Tonight, we’ve finally reached the finale of Around The World in 80 Plates. The cheftestants head off to Uruguay to cook for none other than Wolfgang Puck (who is apparently an authority on Uruguayan cuisine. Who knew?). As is fitting for a finale challenge, Nookie, Avery and Liz have to cook a meal that impresses both the judges and the Uruguayan locals, but they have no guidance, and they have to source all of their own ingredients. We’re sure Nookie’s just thrilled that this is the last time he’ll have to run around a foreign city. He does seem to be having an easier time of it than his rivals, who are not only struggling with the challenge, but also with having to listen to Nookie talk.

Check out the sneak peek below — according to Curtis, it should be quite the nail biter!

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