WATCH: Top Chef Seattle Judges Give A Sneak Peek Of Season 10

What could possibly have Hugh Acheson’s unibrow raised that high? Why, scoop on Top Chef Season 10, of course! In this clip posted to, the judges for Top Chef’s Seattle tour (sans Wolfgang Puck) gather to dish on what we can expect as the show heads to the Pacific Northwest.

Gail Simmons happily exclaims that they’ve arrived at the loveliest time of year. You know, the time in Washington State when all the vampires run away to the woods of Canada for fear of having their sparkle-skin discovered? Hugh remarks that they have an impressive array of cooking styles and philosophies from this season’s chef-testants, while Padma admires the show’s “back-to-basics” approach this year.

And Tom Colicchio just looks happy as a clam. A pissed off clam, whose emotions range from pissed to very pissed. So, basically, a really blasé clam, who doesn’t really want to be filming this stupid preview in this stupid vaguely Seattle-themed plaid shirt in the first place. But he’s excited. We promise. We can sense these things.

Check out the judges’ preview below.

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