Tyler Florence Is Somewhere In The Cosmopolitan Hotel Signing Copies Of His Book Right Now

Breaking. Super breaking. Uber-breaking? Maybe not that breaking. Tyler Florence is in the Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas, right now, probably with mad security protecting his boyband hair from legions of mobbing ladyfans. Not kidding!

He’s perched up at the Queue Bar, which we’re told is on the southeast side of the casino floor. We have triangulated Ty-Flo’s location, people! He’ll be around from 2-5pm today signing copies of his new cookbook Tyler Florence Awkward Baby Chick Fresh.

We would really love it if someone went and asked him if he really adopted the chick off the cover. We would also really love it if someone asked him to deliver a few bars of “Tearin’ Up My Heart,” but that’s your call.

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